Day 2 – Ride to Col du Soulor and Col d’Aubisque

Day 2 saw us heading for Col d’Aubisque via the Col du Soulor – a climb of 1,709 metres.

We no sooner left the town and we were into the climb at an average gradient of about 8%.  I managed to lose the group again when I stopped to take some video but managed to latch onto the wheel of a passing rider and met back up with them when they stopped. Then it was hard grind up the mountain with Karly and I keeping each other going.  With a few wandering hazards along the way (sheep, cows and horses) we had to be a bit careful but it was great hearing their bells ringing out over the valley. We made it to the restaurant at the top of the Col du Soulor in time for a cool drink before we headed for the Col d’Aubisque.  The scenery between the two Cols is spectacular to say the least with the road running along the edge of the steep valley sides and through tunnels in the rock face.  Little wonder that this area features so often in the Tour de France and will again host the race on this coming Saturday. I rode about 60 klms in 3 hours 40 mins and thankfully my average heart rate was down to 123.

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    1. Thanks Neil and Trish. Glad you’re enjoying it. No the coffee is just so-so, but the wine is good !!

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