Preparations and Travelling

Much of my training for the trip was done on Mt Mee, about 45 klms from my home on Bribie Island. Although only about 3 klms long, the gradient averages about 9% and kicks up to 15% in places, so a few repetitions of the climb is a good workout for the legs.

I’m getting used to packing my bike away in it’s travelling bag, as I’ve taken it to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under for the last few years.

Leaving Bribie around noon on Friday 12th, I’ll be flying to Sydney to meet up with some of the group before a 15 hour flight to Doha, a 3 hour layover before a 7 hour flight to Barcelona and a 6 hour car trip to our little hotel in Argeles Gazost in the French Pyrenees. (40 hours in all so I’ll be looking for a bed when I get there)

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