Back in France Again

I didn’t really expect to be riding my bike again in France, but when Andrew (our tour leader from 2017) emailed me an invitation to join the 2019 trip to France and Spain, I jumped at it.
It was just 4 days after the passing of my wife Merryl, and I knew I’d need a goal to work towards in the future months to help get me through the difficult time that was follow.

So, after quite a few months of training, I’m ready to leave for France on 12th July.

2 Replies to “Back in France Again”

  1. Hi Kev! So glad to get your first post. You’re looking well and fit – well done!
    We’re both well – at Kelowna with both our families for Jen’s 75th. Scott has taken to serious bike riding too – maybe one day you’ll compare notes.
    Looking forward to hearing of your adventures.
    Best regards, Doug and Jen

    1. Thanks Doug and Jen. I had intended to email you before I left but just ran out of time. Sit back and enjoy the ride. I can recommend the adventure to Scott. Wish I’d found it at his age……….Kevin

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