Girona -Spain

On Monday we packed up our bikes and headed further east to the city of Girona in the north-eastern region of Catalonia. Girona is steeped in history with some of its architecture dating back to medieval times and its walled old city to Roman periods. It has a population of about 100 thousand people and interestingly, is home to over 150 professional cyclists.

After arriving, I made a beeline  to the doctor to try to get some relief from the virus I’ve been suffering from. Her orders were no bike riding for a few days so I could build up my strength again. So this first post from Girona covers my first day of sightseeing as a tourist and my second day when I took myself on a 50 minute bus ride to the beach. Hopefully I’ll be back on the bike before the end of the week, but in the meantime I’m enjoying chilling out in a very warm and lovely place.


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