Back in France Again

I didn’t really expect to be riding my bike again in France, but when Andrew (our tour leader from 2017) emailed me an invitation to join the 2019 trip to France and Spain, I jumped at it.
It was just 4 days after the passing of my wife Merryl, and I knew I’d need a goal to work towards in the future months to help get me through the difficult time that was follow.

So, after quite a few months of training, I’m ready to leave for France on 12th July.

So, how did I get here?

My trip to France to ride some of the classic mountain climbs and catch up with the 2017 Tour de France came about from a chance meeting with Geoff Gibson in January this year when we were both stopped by a red pedestrian light on the Nepean Highway, Blairgowrie, Vic.

We were both wearing our Tour Down Under jerseys and I made the comment that I thought that was the closest thing to the Tour de France that I’d ever witness.

“I’m going to the Tour this year” said Geoff.

“Tell me more” was my response and within days I was part of a group of cyclists mainly from the central New South Wales coast, who were leaving for France on July 1st.