Surgery Update 3

Well here I am sitting up in the cardiac ward adding to my blog. Thank you Paul for keeping everyone informed of my progress and to everyone who has sent me comments. Too many to reply to individually but all greatly appreciated.

The surgeon saw me tonight and is very pleased with my progress. Might even be allowed home on Friday or Saturday. Paul, Kell and the girls headed home tonight. It was great to have them up here to support me along with Kerryn and Cam. It’s going to be quite a long recovery (about 3 months) till I’m riding my bike up mountains again, but at least I’ll know I won’t have a ticking time bomb in my chest. He replaced the aorta with a synthetic one and the aortic valve in my heart with a super-duper job made from cow’s tissue so I might be mooing at the cows in France next year.

As Kerryn said it would only be a matter of before I’d want to show off my zipper, so for all of you who have been waiting, here it is.