Last Day (2017 Tour) – Lyon Old Town Centre

Our last day of our Tour was spent in Lyon, which is France’s 3rd largest city. Situated on the junction of the Rhone and Saone Rivers, it’s an important commercial centre. The old inner city is fantastic with narrow cobble-stoned streets and has the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre dating back 2,000 years. We enjoyed a visit to the magnificent cathedral on the hill (accessed via a funicular train), wandered through the streets and had our last meal together at one of the many open-air restaurants.

As this is my last post of the trip, can I say thank you to those who have followed my travels and for the comments that have been made about them. I’ve had a great adventure and I’ve enjoyed every minute bringing it to you. Thanks too to son Paul who set the blog format up for me and made it so easy to post regular updates to. It will be a great momento of my trip.

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  1. Thanks Kev for the wonderful journey through France, what an amazing opportunity for you. The photos & videos were beaut, thanks for sharing with us, now time to rest those weary legs no doubt!

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