Post Surgery Update

Hi All,

Kevin’s son Paul here with an update as promised on his surgery.  Kev had his surgery this morning at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Brisbane, I’m very pleased to say that the surgery went as planned and without complication, the surgeon was extremely happy with the outcome and also very pleased they’d got him in for the surgery when they did as the aorta in question was very large.

I’ve just returned from an evening visit where Kev was waking up periodically and was very aware of my presence and knew it was me, the nursing staff were happy with how he was coming along and looking to remove his breathing tubes overnight.  The likelihood now is for a couple of days in the ICU then all going well he’ll be moved to a ward.

I’ll post further updates as he continues to recover, but touch wood all is going well at this stage.

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  1. Thank for the update Paul. Be sure to let Kevin know that we are thinking of him and sending our love and best wishes for his recovery.

  2. HI Paul,
    Thank you so much for the update. You are in our prayers. Wish Kevin well from us and we are so happy he is travelling well. regards Amanda and Julien

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