Day 14 – Sightseeing in Annecy

Apart from not having a bike, I needed a day off to recover from the previous day’s events. Sue and I decided to hire bikes from the hotel and ride down to check out the town. It was market day and the place was alive. Sue bought some special goodies for Scott’s lunch and I bought something special to bring home (providing I can get it through customs). Not telling what it is, but there’s a clue in the video. The old town with the canal running through it is very picturesque and there were lots of holiday makers boating, cycling picnicking and generally enjoying themselves. Hope you enjoy the photos and video. Tomorrow we pack up again and head for the Alps.

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  1. So sorry to learn of the demise of your prized steed! But VERY glad that you’re OK. Sure hope you can acquire a decent replacement for the balance of your adventure! Talked with M a couple of days ago. Her sister was with her and we think that will be a big improvement – someone to talk with! Love the photos. Makes us pine for our days in Italy! Carry on. Love, Doug and Jen.

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